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Chinese Company is Looking for Product distributor agent in India

Location : Bangalore

Sun, December 21, 2014

Tranlin group is Looking for product distributor agent in India. Tranlin was established in 1976. It is one of top ten pulp & paper making company in China. Now it has 12,000 employees and 16 subsidiaries It utilizes wheat straw(rather than wood) as raw material to produce pulp, all kinds of paper and tableware Tranlin has a national level R&D Center and is recognized not only as a national high-tech and innovative company, but also as one of the earliest renewable economy pilot enterprises in China annual production capacity of refined pulp is 400,000 tons, household paper 75,000 tons, machine-made paper 700,000 tons, organic fertilizer 600,000 tons and food/medical package boxes 2.4 billion pieces If you are interested,Please contact QIN INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD. We will assist you to communicate with Chinese company.