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About Us  

 Qin International is a trading joint stock company invested by the Chinese enterprise .It cooperates with Indian enterprise and was established in Bangalore in 2014. The trade value between China and India is being incresed in great scale, with the rapid pace of economy globlalization and the further improvement of Chinese government and Indian Government' open policy. In this international ecomomic environment situation ,Qin International is mainly engaged in international trade services to help Chinese enterprises's active occupation of the Indian market and further development of Indian market. Meanwile,we also help Chinese enterprises to enter India,to form their sale team,to set up their own marketing networks and customer service certers in order to help the Chinese enterprise to obtain the largest profit with the least cost.With the company purpose of "integrity, efficiency, profession and  pragmatic" and adhering to the concept of  to win customers with quality service and to win the excellent quality with professional standards of achievement" and think what customers are thinking of and be anxious with what customers are worring about,we are devoted to building a first-class brand of intergrated international trading service company and a large international trading platform to provide the majority of Chinese enterprises and friends a safe,free and efficient comprehensive trading platform with the great development prospects in India. Looking forward to you joining us!